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Our Customer Service section is open Monday - Friday from 0730 – 1630, excluding holidays. Please contact your administration unit for any issue you may have prior to contacting our office. For Marines who you are retired or separated and fell within our unit prior to separation, please contact our office directly. We are the primary point of contact to members.

Once you have confirmed with your administration unit that your claim has been submitted to Disbursing:

  • If no discrepancies are found, you can expect payment within (10) business days.

  • If discrepancies are found, your claim will be returned to your administration unit which will then restart the processing procedures.

Please note monetary values cannot be given to any customer over the phone or by email. Once your claim has been processed, you will receive your payment between 48-72 hours.


Customer Service:

 (760) 763-7100 , opt 1


 2ndLt Guyton, Jaelyn N.


 MSgt Rapczak, Stephen J. Jr.


Please provide us feedback by submitting a comment card using the link here.


Additional Resources

IPAC (Inbound)

  • (760) 763-2919

IPAC (Outbound)

  • (760) 763-1063/1066/1315

Separations Platoon

  • (760) 725-4281

Distribution Managment Office (DMO)

  • (760) 725-8177 - Automated Telephone System

  • (760) 725-8666 - Personal Property Household Goods

MCLC, Albany Georgia (for DITY Moves)

  • (229) 639-6575

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)

Citibank (for Government Travel Charge Cards)

1st Marine Logistics Group