Welcome to the Regional Disbursing Office-West travel website

We have tailored our website to assist travelers for any questions or concerns they may have regarding their travel entitlements.

Services provided by Disbursing Travel Clerks:

  • Status updates on a claim

  • Questions regarding entitlements or documentation needed to submit travel claim

  • Assistance with submission of separation or retirement travel claim

  • Expediting claims (only authorized if Disbursing mistakenly returned claim)

  • Assistance with submission of DITY advances

Services that CANNOT be provided:

  • Printing Leave Earning Statements (LES)

  • Providing monetary amounts of travel claims

  • Providing status of another person’s travel claim (excluding Administration Officials)

  •  Assistance with submission of travel claims (excluding separations and DITY advances)

Please see your IPAC representatives for assistance with services Disbursing cannot provide.

1st Marine Logistics Group