Welcome to the Regional Disbursing Office-West travel website

We have tailored our website to assist travelers for any questions or concerns they may have regarding their travel entitlements. We are currently located on Camp Pendleton Mainside (14 Area) in Building 1164 on Vandergrift Blvd & 15th Street.

Services provided by Disbursing Travel Clerks:

  • Status updates on a claim

  • Questions regarding entitlements or documentation needed to submit travel claim

  • Assistance with submission of separation or retirement travel claim

  • Expediting claims (only authorized if Disbursing mistakenly returned claim)

  • Assistance with submission of DITY advances

Services that CANNOT be provided:

  • Printing Leave Earning Statements (LES)

  • Providing monetary amounts of travel claims

  • Providing status of another person’s travel claim (excluding Administration Officials)

  •  Assistance with submission of travel claims (excluding separations and DITY advances)

Please see your IPAC representatives for assistance with services Disbursing cannot provide.

1st Marine Logistics Group